Weekend Reading – Stuff we found interesting this week

October 23, 2011

Interesting Links

October 23rd 2011.

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the stuff we read that was interesting to us and hopefully to you.



Great piece by Ed Harrison of Credit Writedowns on what is ailing the markets and the economy. This is the must read for the week – even if you are not American. Link here

Here is a brilliant piece by my colleague Sell On News over at MacroBusiness. Marx v Capitalism v You.

When the Nobel Committee announced the winners of this years Economics prize I confess I wondered how the people who awarded the prize to Daniel Kahneman and Vernon Smith in 2002 could have awarded this years recipients with the prize after all that has happened in markets and the economy in recent years. Here is a great article in the Huff Post on where and why Nobel has gone wrong.

Markets have been buoyed recently by a couple of things. First the hope of a resolution in Europe but equally in the data improvement in the US – at least against expectations. This is really important as once markets become too pessimistic and we have a big pessimistic crescendo like we did then we’re ripe for a bounce. Here is a piece from the Atlanta Fed saying we are moving in the right direction.

Anyone interested in Modern Monetary Theory here is an interesting take on it via analogy

The Size and composition of Government debt iin the Euro area from the ECB here

Global Macro monitor is one of my favourite blogs, actually probably my favourite. Here is a good piece on Models behaving badly. Sadly, given this is an economics and finance blog, its not the kind you might think. But worth the time.

We must always question our premises and beliefs when we interact with markets. Things move so fast and there are so many moving parts that you can be right and wrong but in differing timeframes so that if your wrong first you are out. This is a piece saying the Dow is going up – I dont discount it and I will write about this later this week.

And of course the FT’s week in review

Have a great weekend

Greg McKenna



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One Comment on “Weekend Reading – Stuff we found interesting this week”

  1. tristencosgrove Says:

    Ed Harrison’s piece is excellent. Thanks for referring us to that.


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