We’re moving


After more than a year and 340 posts I pleased to announce that the Lighthouse Securities Blog is moving, well closing really.

As you know I am a writer over at MacroBusiness which is clearly Australia’s leading finance, investment and economics blog. Macro Business is evolving and yesterday we released the first edition of our new weekly investment publication called  Macro Investor which is Australia’s only full service independent newsletter covering stocks, fixed income, forex, property and portfolio management.

Please have a look at the site and sign up for the free trial – you’ll see what a quality product it really is. Clearly I am biased but I am sure you’ll be impressed by the breadth and depth of the coverage.

My time will now be spent writing for MacroBusiness and MacroInvestor and soon I’ll be launching a new site soon dedicated to Foreign Exchange . As you know besides my Family and the Collingwood Football club FX Markets in particular but Financial Markets in general are my passions and my joy and you will see that reflected in the new site.

I’ll let you all know once the new site is up and running.

I would like to thank you all for reading and following me and urge you if you’re not a subscriber to MacroBusiness please become one. It’s free! But I’d also urge you to evaluate Macro Investor and whether it might help you understand what’s going on and achieve your investment goals sooner.

Keep Well and all the best

Greg McKenna





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