Lighthouse Securities has developed a systematic process that uses a blend of Economics, Behavioural Finance, Investment analysis and Technical Indicators to make its recommendations and forecasts on where and in what timeframe currency rates will move. We undertake our own analysis of these key drivers and feed them into our FXMetrics™ system in order to make our forecasts.

This system is fractal in that it works over multi time frames so that the same decision rules are used when advising traders on intraday moves as investors and corporates on intraweek, month or year moves. While this is not a blackbox process, blackbox models form an intergral part of the Lighthouse Securities Decision rules.

By understanding what drives Foreign Exchange markets in this way we are able to help our clients better manage the foreign exchange risk associated with their portfolio’s of Assets, Investments or Businesses. This is done in such a manner as to improve returns and reduce risk.

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